Lime Green Flat-Top Post Covers

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Great Looking Protection at Low Cost! — Never Paint Again!

Post Guard is a protective sleeve made from high impact solid plastic, that easily fits over your existing bumper posts. It saves time and costs by eliminating scraping rusty posts and constant repainting. Plus, the ultraviolet resistant and antistatic sleeve is durable and withstands extreme temperatures.

The Post Guard is designed with smooth sides and its two reflective bands are recessed near the rounded top.

  • Maintenance-Free Protection
  • UV Protection Ultraviolet Fade Resistant Stable for 5+ Years

3M Reflective Band Colors are available in:

What Size Post Cover Do I Need?
Your Post Diameter Then Order
4.5” or less 4.5” Cover
4.5” – 7” 7” Cover
7” – 8-7/8” 8-7/8” Cover
8-7/8” – 10-7/8” 10-7/8” Cover
10-7/8” – 12-5/8” 12-3/4” Cover