Post Guard protective bollard sleeves, from Street Smart Solutions (3S)
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The following images are of Post Guard at locations throughout the country.

Post Guard cover at Jack in the BoxPost Guard covers at Bank of America
Post Guard covers at Wells FargoPost Guard covers at Drive-ThruPost Guard covers at Wells Fargo
Post Guard covers surrounding electricalPost Guard covers at Nissan dealership
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POST GUARD Installation Instructions

Follow these easy steps:  
  1. Crisscross the two foam strips over the top of the bollard you intend to cover with POST GUARD. When the strips hang over the top of the bollard, be sure the ends are equal with each other.

  2. Slide POST GUARD over the bollard to check the fit. Since the foam strips will compress to make a snug fit, you may have to vigorously slide POST GUARD in place.

3. Now remove POST GUARD. Visibility can be enhanced when POST GUARD is slightly taller than the bollard. If necessary, POST GUARD can be cut to a desired length.

Spray one side of the foam strips with an adhesive spray readily available from most hardware wholesalers or retail outlets. Then crisscross the foam strips (with the sticky side down) over the top of the bollard again and press the strips into place. Be sure the ends of the foam strips adhere to the bollard.

5. Now spray both foam strips (facing up) with adhesive spray.

  6. Slide POST GUARD over the bollard with the foam tape.

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